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Ayurvedic Medicine Hamsapathyadi Kashayam For Thyroid Disorders

Ayurveda can control the body from pernicious effects of thyroid imbalance by including these things in daily diet: Jalkumbhi and drumstick help to increase iodine levels in the body, Dhaniya (coriander) and jeerak siddha jala help in the better recovery from swelling that is sometimes seen in cases of thyroid problems. Ginger also aids in thyroid function; boil some ginger in water and drink it like tea.

Thyroid problems result from malfunctioning thyroid glands, butterfly-shaped glands located in the front of the neck. Located along the front of the windpipe, just below the larnyx. There are mainly three hormones secreted by the gland, namely Triidothyronin T3, Tetraidothyroxine T4 and Calcitonin. Even though T3 is the main functional hormone, 90% of thyroidal secretion is of T4. These hormones affect virtually every organ function, including brain and somatic development in infants and almost all metabolic activity in adults.

How can Ayurveda treat thyroid?

One should avoid eating raw vegetables, particularly cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.
Thyroid problems can be exacerbated by a lack of vitamin D. Early morning sun exposure is a good way to treat the deficiency. Outdoor exercise stimulates thyroid glands, boosts immunity, and regulates calcium metabolism.
In thyroid, it is advised to avoid all forms of processed sugar. It is also advised to limit your intake of foods high in natural sugars.
Eat foods high in vitamin A, such as broccoli, spinach, and most dark green leafy vegetables, as well as fruits like apples and bananas.

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